Humberto Cunha is interviewed by AUTODESK


Post also available in Portuguese (Brazil)

Humberto Cunha, responsible for the 2D arts here at ANIMARTINI, was interviewed by Autodesk, a software company that develops solutions for architecture, enginnering and construction (like the famous AutoCAD software). For movies and animation professionals and enthusiasts, the company develops acclaimed softwares such as Maya, Softimage, 3ds Max and Mudbox, among others.

Rodrigo Assaf, Senior Technical Specialist at Autodesk, talked with Humberto about his carrer, personal projects and mostly about Sketchbook Pro, a drawing software developed by Autodesk that is a daily work tool not only for Humberto, but for many digital artists everywhere.

See the video and many conceptual arts created by Humberto on Autodesk´s blog page (in Portuguese only), and have an idea of the high level professional ANIMARTINI has in its brain-trust, and the quality of work that we will deliver in the next couple of months. :-)

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