PHASE ZERO: we may not have reached our fundraising goal, but ANIMARTINI will not stop here!

Post also available in Portuguese (Brazil)

For the last two months, everyone at ANIMARTINI have been focused on the PHASE ZERO, created to raise R$ 15.000,00 (around US$ 6,302) for paying two very talented artists – Elisa Kwon and Thiago Almeida – to help us to develop our concept arts for the script named “TAU“, an idea of mine that Emílio Baraçal developed and scripted.

After a lot of work, we were not able to reach that milestone. Our fundraise topped R$ 5.388,00 (around US$ 2,263). That´s the bad news.

The good news is that ANIMARTINI is not stopping now. During the last two months, the project had such an overwhelming ammount of support, good reviews of our script and first conceptual art produced by Humberto Cunha, and I was able to make such good connections that it would be insane to stop now. And that´s the amazing news.

To move forward, some changes have to be made. Unfortunately Thiago Almeida will not be able to provide his beautiful artwork, but Humberto Cunha will take over his duties, producing the concepts arts and managing Elisa Kwon during the process. For that, I will also have to invest a little money to complement the amount.

It will be a little tighter, of course, but the best part is that quality will not be affected, and we will still be able to maintain our schedule – to deliver the final concept arts in June 30th, and start our first open crowdfunding event on July 31st.

I can say for everyone involved at ANIMARTINI – our “brain-trust” – that we are vey excited to start on this new step of the project. Work has already started, and we have a lot of news coming over the next weeks, so keep visiting our site, following us on Facebook – – and on Twitter – And please feel free to leave a comment, all feedback are very important to us.

Thanks a lot! :-)

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