GOLDIEBLOX: when having an ad of your company in one of the most expensive media spaces in the world is an admirable achievement, and still being just a small detail


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Debbie Sterling, a 30 year-old engineer from Rhode Island, once went to a toy story and was horrified about what she have found in the girl aisle: everything was pink, with only one objective , to teach girls to dream of becoming princesses. With her Engineering diploma of Stanford and an eye for business, she kickstarted a project with a single idea: to introduce girls to get interested in science. Sterling quickly overcame the US$ 150,000 in orders and begun putting GoldieBlox, a construction kit that comes with a book – in which Goldie, the star of the story, tries to solve her problems by building all kinds of contraptions. Little by little, the big toy store chains started seeing the possibilities. And after winning a contest sponsored by Intuit, a management solutions provider for small business, GoldieBlox went to appear on the Super Bowl ads, one of the most expensive media spaces in the world, that cost around US$ 4,000,000 for a 30 second video. It´s the first small business in history to have an ad during the Super Bowl, reaching more than 115,000,000 people.

In people like Debbie Sterling and in companies like GoldieBlox that we all at ANIMARTINI admires and get inspiration from. To know not only what we want, but how we want it and where we want to go. Having an ad during Super Bowl is an amazing achievement; unreachable even. Still, it wasn´t her goal. It is a direct consequence of an outstanding work, a feat reached by that little company that could, that took his dream very seriously, dared to moved ahead without fear of doing what it believed in. And it´s only in the beginning of its existence.

And we at ANIMARTINI hope you keep following us during our journey.

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