PHASE 0 | The script is done! A new stage begins!


Post also available in Portuguese (Brazil)

After the last three weeks talking about the ANIMARTINI project, it´s time to start getting our hands dirty.

In the article ANIMARTINI | Part 5: “WHEN” I wrote more about ANIMARTINI´s goals and deadlines. To be able to deliver our first short film in July 2015, amongst so many goals, we needed the script by February 2nd, 2014.

And Emílio Baraçal helped us reach our first goal. Thanks, Emílio! :-D

Now we need to start visualizaing and sketching characters, backgrounds and all other elements of the story. Humberto Cunha will, from April 1st to June 30th, start making concepts and coordinating the work of two great artists, that will be announced very soon.

For all of that to happen, we need to pay the artists. PHASE 0 is all about reaching that purpose, a campaign to have access to the necessary ammount so they can start working on the concept arts in April at the earliest. Until then, Humberto will be researching visual references, and discussing with Emílio and Marcos to get everything right.

A group of very special people will receive an email over the next couple of days with more information about the project, and how to help ANIMARTINI to reach this monetary goal.

Please keep checking the updates here at ANIMARTINI´s website, or on our Facebook page –

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