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“Most of my life I have done what I wanted to do. I have had fun on the job. (…) When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” — Walt Disney

To end this series os posts about the ANIMARTINI project, comes maybe the most important question: why?

Actually, the “whys” are many: “why animation?” “Why this story and not that one?” “Why now?” “Why use the world wide web to promote and show the work instead of using most traditional ways?” “Why being so transparent to the audience?” “Why production costs so much?” “Why does it take so long for the animation to be produced?” “Why should I invest my time and my money in the ANIMARTINI project?”

Many of these questions will be answered in time. A few of them you´ll have to find an answer yourself, after seeing what we can do. Today I´d like to answer two of them.

“Why should I believe in this project?”

You shouldn´t. That´s the best part.

Would it be good, great even, if I could make at least one person to share my excitement? Sure! And I hope to convince not only you but other people as well to follow and help us.

But the best way so we really share a bond is being transparent and true. This will not keep us from making mistakes, to get out of the tracks, because what really matters is the path we will take, not the end of the road. After all, as soon as the first short film is released, we will already be thinking of the next project. And after that, the next one. And so on.

My dream is not to create a animated content production company. I didn´t stipulate goals because I intent to make X million dollars, reaching an EBITDA of Y % at the end of the fiscal year. I have no plans to have stocks being negotiated at NYSE or NASDAQ due to the audiovisual market growth projections, and my company´s financial health. Yes, all of this is important, but they are only tools, tracking points that, if we are lucky, will help us keep creating, telling stories, creating wonderful art.

But, as I said, no obligations. I can´t convince people of something that´s not in their hearts. What´s good should not be forced. You can believe in the company, with it being transparent about its actions, or believe in me or in other ANIMARTINI participant, or because you like animations too, or because you want to see something different. Or even believe we are going to fail miserably, and what to follow us just to see this happen.

And “why animation?”

Because it excites me. Because when I have to deal with various aspects of this market, I´ve learned and keep learing new things which I should never have contact with, and I feel it makes me grow as a professional and as a person. Because it allows me to create, and the possibilities this art form are limitless. Because when I watch any making of I feel amazed and motivated. Because it doesn´t matter how bad my day is, I play one of my favorite animation and it makes me feel better.

It´s being part of something bigger than yourself.

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