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“GLOBAL!” — Andreas Blazoudakis

It may sound cliché, and it is, but it´s the truth: internet has helped people get closer together. Yes, I know that most just use it for sharing cute LOLcats and play online (and yeah, porn) but the world wide web allows so much more than those. Information, experience and collaboration are exchaged between two different points on the globe, thousands of miles away from each other. Buying are easier than ever, with process and delivery getting simpler and better. Artists can promote their work around the world with just a few clicks.

Even though ANIMARTNI´s brain trust are spread around three cities – Los Angeles, EUA (Marcos), São Paulo, Brazil (Paulo, Thiago and Humberto) and Santos, Brazil (Emílio) – and that the company is registered in Brazil, with ANIMARTINI´s website we can reach almost anywhere in the world.

But what does “thinking globally” mean? Three main reasons: taking ANIMARTINI´s content to reach the highest number of people possible, work with the best talents regardless of city, state or country; and increase the chances of obtaining investment for ANIMARTINI´s projects.

ANIMARTINI already posts content in Portuguese and English since its launch. We have plans to include our content in other languages as well, depending only on our strategy, promotion and also our user´s interest. The website is our main tool to promote who we are and our projects, alongside social media platforms, such as Facebook.

We have today an immense amount of online distribution tools, like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, amongst others, which can reach people in different countries simultaneously with speed and quality. Video On Demand (VOD) platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and others are also in our plans, as are direct links and torrent files. It´s one of our strategies to provide the best ways for the user to obtain our content, and we are looking very closely at the evolution of those services. This does not invalidate more traditional methods such as DVD, Blu-ray, cable and syndication, and movie theaters.

New members will soon join our group, and they can be from differente cities, even different countries. We are fully aware of the bureaucratic issues, and are analyzing all points to bring the best to work at ANIMARTINI.

The challenges are great – bureaucracy, financial rules – but one thing is to think only of Brazil as a market, as the only initial distribution and investment option. There´s so many available tools that allow not only audiovisual distribution, promotion and banking services, that it makes no sense to wait for government incentive laws and all sorts of middle-men strategies, sometimes taking years to deliver results, when we can reach our public directly, people who are really interested in our projects and should be the only real measure of success.

Our objective is to make all of ANIMARTINI´s animations available as convenient and restrictles as possible. Anywhere.

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