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“You can design and create, and build the most beautiful place in the world. But it takes people to make this dream a reality” — Walt Disney

ANIMARTINI is a dream given form, a dream of producing animations. And quality animation takes a lot of time, very specific knowledge of many different areas – art, technology, marketing, sales, production, distribution – and needs a very clear direction, a vision. It´s not an exact science. It rest on the shoulders of everyone involved on the project.

And finding the right people, not only ones with talent and personality, but ones that can question and present new ideas, that want to deliver only the best work, that can work in a team, that can inovate and course-correct quickly, that are extremely professional and commited with the goals, is very difficult. It´s a lottery.

So I can consider myself very lucky to have found people who checks every item of the list above. And even more lucky to call them friends. Here it is, ANIMARTINI´s “brain trust”:

Emílio Baraçal:: EMÍLIO BARAÇAL

Emílio is ANIMARTINI´s writer and script specialist. With great experience in the field, he has worked for companies like Volvo, MacPro Filmes and Zata Produções; he was an agent for Space Goat productions, responsible for finding new talents for the american comics market; is the founder and main writer of Supernova Produções; have taught Script and Writing for Movies, TV, Comics and Games courses at Tecnoponta, ABRA – Academia Brasileira de Arte, Escola Oficina and SESC. He likes every aspect of the japanese culture except the food, is the father of Alice and today is finishing the first version of the script and bible for the first ANIMARTINI project, which will be announced very very soon.

Emílio´s LinkedIn Profile:

Humberto Thimoteo:: HUMBERTO THIMOTEO
Humberto is ANIMARTINI´s art specialist. With a Master Degree in Design, specialized in Production Design, Humberto has a big experience in animation: he was a storyboard artist at Mop Digital, art director at Lighstar Animation Studios, and today works for Rede Record, one of the biggest televison networks in Brazil. He was also a background artist in the movie RIO 2096: A STORY OF LOVE AND FURY, that won Best Animated Feature at Annecy 2013, one of the biggest and most prestigious animation events in the world, that happens annually in Cannes, France. Is nuts about movie director Wes Anderson´s work, and his drawing are so good that it makes people want to punch him in the face. Humberto is responsible for the production design for all of ANIMARTINI´s projects, including character designs.

Humberto´s LinkedIn Profile:

Marcos de Barros:: MARCOS DE BARROS

Marcos is ANIMARTINI´s CG specialist. He works as a 3D modeler, animator and concept artist at Pixomondo, and has worked in blockbuster movies such as GREEN LANTERN, THE SPETACULAR SPIDER-MAN, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and many others. He is also part of the team that won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for Martin Scorsese´s HUGO. Yes, it still blows my mind that ANIMARTINI has an Academy Award Winner in our team! And a new award may be on his way: it was announced yesterday that STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, a project that Marcos also was a part of, is a Academy Award nominee for Best Visual Effects this year! Myself and all the ANIMARTINI team is rooting for Marcos and the very talented team at Pixomondo! When he is not making great work, he is seen hanging out with his wife Nicole on the sands of Santa Monica beach with his dog Norma.

Marcos´ IMDB Profile:
Marcos´ LinkedIn Profile:

imagem_interna_artigo_thiagocardim:: THIAGO CARDIM

Thiago is ANIMARTINI´s social media, metrics and strategist. He has worked at Submarino, one of the largest e-commerce retail sites in Latin America, AOL and created A ARCA with Paulo Martini in Brazil; he was a Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Playarte, a movies and television series distribuitor in Brazil; account director at Fundamento Corporate Communications; and today is Content and Social Media manager at Giovanni DraftFCB. Vegetarian, music critic, father of Diego and Khadjah and a Spider-Man nut, Thiago is focused in coming up with great ideas to spread the word about ANIMARTINI.

Thiago´s LinkedIn Profile:

And what about me?

Paulo Martini:: PAULO MARTINI

I´ve been in love with all parts of the animation world, from art to business and everything in between, for ages, and that is the opportunity I found to make a difference and be part of this history. I´ve worked at Yahoo! Brasil, SubmarinoAOL Brasil and today I´m Mobile Payments Business Coordinator at Movile, the biggest mobile services provider in Latin America. I´ve created A ARCA, alongside Thiago Cardim, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I´m a Walt Disney fan, I´ve written movies and animation articles and reviews, and I´ve watched TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE more than 113 times. I´ve made a lot of mistakes, and learned a lot from them.  My job is to keep the team motivated and focused on the goals, and to go after the resources to make ANIMARTINI a financially sustainable company, giving the necessary freedom to all involved to be the best at what they love.

Paulo´s LinkedIn Profile:

And it does not end here! More friends will be part of the team very soon!

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