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“If you can dream it, you can do it.” — Walt Disney

To tell amazing stories through animation, produced with the highest quality by the best people, and having an amazing time during the process. This is the mission of ANIMARTINI.

But what kind of animation? What is the format? TV series? Short films? Feature films? And what about the technic? CGI, as Pixar and Dreamworks Animation put out, or maybe traditional, 2D animation, like the classic Disney Animation productions, or Studio Ghibli ones? Will it be stop-motion, like the ones Aardman and Laika produce? Will they be comedies, dramas, action, science-fiction or horror? People will be able the catch them on movie theaters, or maybe on TV, or will they be available on Blu-ray as well? Maybe VOD, on Netflix or Hulu?

Well, everything begins with an idea, with a story worth telling. When this is clear, we will see how to make this idea a reality: to plan all the steps, choose the best tools and technique that better express this idea, and then produce, distribute and exhibit.

We are going thorugh some big changes in the market. Process and business models that used to work so well are out of the window, making space for new ideas. There are no more formulas, no more guarantees. Some professionals have a gloom outcome of the future. Some companies repeat archaic formulas to try and assure the outcome; decisions become more and more conservatives; cuts goes so deep that affect the quality of the final product.

But this is good. Really. Times like this should make us strive, think outside the box. Innovation become obligatory, and a goal. The demand for quality content is higher than ever! And there´s still plenty of space to grow.

Everything is possible.

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