And so it begins…


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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”  — Walt Disney

Beginning a project has always been, for me, a complicated issue. And a time consuming one. I research, write, research some more, evaluate, forget it for a while, read it again, research a little more, rewrite everything, talk to some trustworthy people, make new adjustments, let it sleep for some time, and then get back to read it again. I study articles, papers, books; some new facts about the subject make my opinions old, and I have to change them.

And I can´t forget the fear. Yes, fear that something is missing, that the information I compiled is not enough, that the idea is not ready yet  to see the light of day, that there´s no quality to it, that it´s just the same old stuff. That the idea is just, well, bad.

The good thing is that all this time allows for some learning, about the idea and myself. And what I learned is that shouldn´t have waited that long.

This project, called ANIMARTINI, has been going on in my mind – and inside hundreds of Dropbox, Google Docs and text files filled with notes, web links, comments and doodles – for years, but it´s time to bring it to life. It´s time to test it. Time to learn a lot during all this process, and make all

And all of that just to say I want to produce animations.

What a drama queen, huh. :-)

Paulo Martini breathes animation on a daily basis. Has many idols: Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks, Hayao Miyazaki, Glen Keane, John Lasseter, Chuck Jones, Seth MacFarlane, Joss Whedon, Brenda Chapman, Michael Giacchino and many other. Loves TRANSFORMERS even though he feels ashamed while watching classic episodes, thinks DUCKTALES is the best animated series ever produced and considers HARVEY BIRDMAN: ATTORNEY AT LAW a timeless classic.

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